Reaching Your Full Potential in Life and Business

Reaching Your Full Potential in Life and Business

Reaching Your Full Potential in Life and Business

Reaching Your Full Potential in Life and Business

Most people think that successful business owners became that way because they pushed themselves to their limits, or had a laser-sharp strategy that trumped all the rest.

This isn’t exactly true, though.

Believe it or not, business is actually only 20% action and strategy. The other 80% is all about your mindset and how you treat yourself.

If you struggle with mindset work, you aren’t alone. It can be really difficult and unnatural to try to break through limiting beliefs and reprogram your thought patterns— especially if you have a tendency to self-sabotage or get stuck in negative thought cycles.

But in order to reach your full potential, you need to be able to take charge of your beliefs. Because when it comes down to it, all your potential really is is the motivation that exists inside of you and encourages you to make big moves. If you can train your mindset into believing in yourself no matter what, you’ll reach your full potential with everything you do.

Let’s try a little exercise. Think about a time you felt really down about yourself and your business — maybe you felt unmotivated and procrastinated a lot, or were very critical about your work. Did those thoughts empower you and make you want to work harder and achieve more? Or did they push you further into your funk?

Let’s do the reverse of that exercise now — think about a time you felt really good about yourself. Perhaps landing a dream client, or hitting an important business goal. In those moments, were you excited about the future? Did you have ideas that you couldn’t wait to bring to life? Were you motivated to show up for yourself and your business more than ever?

The point of this exercise is to illustrate how disempowering beliefs (like the examples I gave above) diminish your potential, while empowering beliefs create positive potential. When you think positive thoughts and believe in yourself, that creates the energy that allows you to take meaningful action and do incredible things — aka, achieve your full potential.

You also achieve your full potential when you go for it. Consider all the times you’ve had an idea and decided to wait to execute it, only for it to never pan out. A huge part of unlocking your full potential is taking aligned action, meaning that when the universe is telling you to make a move, you make the move in that instant — regardless of if you have the details all ironed out. Remember, there’s NO such thing as “right” or “wrong” action — only action that feels right or wrong TO YOU. If you try something and it doesn’t work out, it’s just another experience you have under your belt, and more experience is always a good thing.

Finally, don’t let results sway your self-belief. Not every business endeavour will be your most successful, but like I said above, that doesn’t mean it’s a wrong choice. It’s important not to let the results of every action you take dictate your thought cycle. When the outcome is to your favour, it’s easy to feel on the top of the world — and it’s just as easy to feel like giving up when the opposite is true. The goal is to be able to regulate your thoughts and come back to a few simple affirmations that make you feel good about yourself and will keep you grounded.

Here are a few affirmations to come back to when you feel your thoughts start to spiral…
“I am strong.”
“I am fierce.”
“I am courageous.”
“I am qualified.”
“I am good at what I do.”
“I know that my knowledge can help change lives.”
“I have everything I need within me to succeed.”

If you’re looking for an extra boost of encouragement throughout the day, you can also download our free motivational wallpapers for your mobile and desktop. They feature a variety of affirmations and motivational quotes, so if you’re ever in a slump, all you have to do is look at your screen for a quick mindset boost. You can download them here.

Need help achieving your full potential? My business coaching services place a large emphasis on improving mindset and working through limiting beliefs. Book a free 15 minute discovery call with me to learn more.

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