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Since mid-2019, Olivia Jenkins Consulting has helped over 500+ women in business to generate in excess of $70m in sales revenue through her strategic advisory and world-class execution. She’s known as THE CEO’s WING WOMAN® – a phrase coined by her clients as she is recognised as both a trusted advisor and expert strategist.

Olivia is a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur and has a client roster ranging from startups through to $30m brands.

Her work has been featured in the highly-esteemed Vogue, Forbes, 7News, Daily Mail, Professional Beauty, Inside Small Business and more .

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Maybe you’re feeling exhausted and frustrated that newer brands are overtaking you in the marketplace. Perhaps you’re feeling overloaded and overwhelmed by all the information out there, and don’t know what to invest your time, energy (and capital) into in order to receive a return on investment.

My vast experience and expertise as a Chief Strategy Officer means I know what it takes to transform a brand to cult-like status. My signature approach of strategic advisory and world-class execution has helped clients to achieve extraordinary success. Whether you want to create a cult-like following, build a bulletproof business or transform your leadership identity – it's our mission to support you every step of the way.


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    MBA Marketing

    Olivia, an MBA-qualified Business & Marketing Consultant, specialises in transforming CEOs in the health, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries into leaders of cult-brands. With a strategic blend of advanced academic knowledge and extensive industry experience, she delivers targeted, effective solutions that drive visibility and growth for your brand.

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    30+ Years Experience

    Olivia’s journey into the realms of business and marketing began in 1993, immersed in the vibrant environment of a global skincare brand. Growing up within an entrepreneurial family, she traveled the world, from global trade shows to key industry events, absorbing every facet of brand building and international expansion. This foundational experience instilled in her a deep understanding of the beauty and lifestyle industries, fuelling her passion for turning visionary CEOs into leaders of cult-brands. Today, Olivia blends this rich heritage with her strategic acumen to empower businesses with innovative growth strategies.

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    Klaviyo Platinum Master

    Olivia is recognsed as a Klaviyo Platinum Master, a prestigious accreditation that marks her as an elite expert in email marketing strategies. Specialising in the health, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries, she leverages this advanced proficiency to craft personalised, data-driven email campaigns that significantly enhance engagement and retention. Her deep understanding of Klaviyo’s powerful features enables her to optimise marketing automation and segmentation, ensuring her clients not only reach but resonate with their target audiences, driving measurable growth and brand loyalty.

our vision

Our vision is to be recognised as a world-class consultancy, specialising in transforming brands to cult-like status. By 2033, we aim to generate $500 million in client sales for the visionary CEOs we serve.

our vision