OJC is Officially a Platinum Master with Klaviyo!


OJC is Officially a Platinum Master with Klaviyo!

OJC is Officially a Platinum Master with Klaviyo!

I come to you on the blog today with massively exciting news for Olivia Jenkins Consulting!

I’m so thrilled to announce that OJC has officially been recognised as a Platinum Master in collaboration with Klaviyo. This is an especially exciting opportunity as OJC is just one of ten Platinum Masters in New Zealand/Australia, and the only singular consultant (as opposed to agency) with the recognition!

I’ve spoken on the blog before about what a big fan I am of Klaviyo when it comes to email marketing, but here’s a little refresher of what exactly Klaviyo is:

Klaviyo is a powerful online marketing/automation tool designed to help you grow your business, attract and retain new clientele, and bring in revenue on autopilot. Klaviyo is a particularly great choice for eCommerce business owners because of its’ advanced data-tracking and segmentation capabilities. (You can read more about why I love it on the blog here.)

Maybe one of the coolest things about choosing Klaviyo as your email and SMS marketing platform is that you’re able to enlist the support of an Agency Partner to help you maximise your growth and reach your goals — so you don’t have to tackle learning the platform or utilising it to its’ full potential alone!

As a Platinum Master Partner with Klaviyo, OJC is able to provide clients with all aspects of email marketing services, from strategic guidance to technical support to superior implementation.

Not only does our new status as Platinum Master Partner strengthen our relationship with Klaviyo, but it will also allow us to serve our clients through the platform on a much higher level. 

I am so looking forward to this collaboration with Klaviyo, and cannot wait to see what it brings to the table for my clients in 2022!

If you’re wanting to take your email marketing to the next level in the new year with me by your side, click here to learn more about how you can work with me.