THE CEO’s WING WOMAN® with your host, Olivia Jenkins, is a podcast created to inspire, empower and educate women on all things business. This includes episodes on marketing, mindset, leadership, how to’s, and more.


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Daily Success Formula™ Tactics

Supercharge your growth with daily habits and practices that deliver tangible results.

Employee Mindset to CEO Mindset™

Establish the foundational mindset shift to guarantee your entrepreneurial success.

Your Strategic Roadmap™

Create a one-page blueprint to turn ambitious goals into actionable steps.

Target Audience Identification™

Gain clarity on your audience to craft messaging that converts effectively.

Master Your Messaging™

Master captivating copywriting with step-by-step frameworks to elevate your communication skills.

Copy That Converts™

Explore the psychology of direct response copywriting to craft messages that drive action and revenue.

Irresistible Offer Blueprint™

Create compelling offers that your customers simply can't resist.

Sales Success Formula™

Unlock the secrets to transforming your sales process into a consistent powerhouse.

Amplify Your Email Marketing™

Dive into an intensive boot camp to boost engagement and conversions through email marketing.

Browsers To Buyers™

Transform your website into a conversion engine, seamlessly turning visitors into loyal customers.

Create Raving Fans™

Harness the power of compelling testimonials to maximise marketing and sales impact.

High-Performing Habits™

Elevate your performance with habits used by top CEOs to drive exceptional results.