Want to Promote Your Business? These Facebook Groups Will Let You!

Want to Promote Your Business? These Facebook Groups Will Let You!

Want to Promote Your Business? These Facebook Groups Will Let You!

Facebook groups can be SO useful when it comes to getting the word out there about your business, connecting with like-minded CEOs, and even landing clients or driving sales.

In the interest of helping you gain the visibility you truly deserve, I compiled a MASTER LIST of some of the best Facebook groups that allow self-promotion. This resource will be updated regularly to reflect only active groups. 

To make it even easier for those of you who run local businesses, the list is separated by state for your convenience.

I hope you find this massively helpful!

x Olivia

Before you join any of the below groups, please remember to:

  • Read the rules. Some groups have rules about when you can and can’t promote your business. Nobody wants to be the person self-promoting when it isn’t allowed, so be sure to read and respect the rules of the group.

    • Give back to the community. If you join a group and get a ton of value from it, pay it forward by helping somebody else out or contributing your own value/expertise to the group. This is not only good manners (and good karma), but it can also lead to new opportunities or sales because you’re getting the chance to show what you know and positioning yourself as a leader.

    Facebook Group Master List

    South Australia

    Small Biz Gals Adelaide 

    Gawler 24/7 Business Page

    Miss Kyree Loves Community 

    SA Mums in Business Exclusive


    Melbourne Small Business

    Women in Business - Melbourne West

    Victoria Small Business Network

    New South Wales

    Small Business Advertising Sydney

    Sydney Local Business Advertising Page

    Sydney Small Business Owners


    Brisbane Small Business

    Gold Coast Small Business

    Sunshine Coast Small Business

    Sunshine Coast Business Community

    Western Australia

    Small Business Perth

    Perth Small Business 

    Perth Small Business Advertising 

    Perth Business Group


    Plug a Business Tasmania


    Afterpay Obsession

    Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine

    Australian Brand Reps 

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