Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Editorial Space For Your Business

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Editorial Space For Your Business

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Editorial Space For Your Business

In the past, editorial content was not always considered a priority in marketing strategy but it has now become more important than ever. Successful B2B companies like HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Wistia use high-traffic, lead-generating media engines that support their products. So what does this mean for your business?

As someone who has been in the marketing industry for over 14 years, I’ve seen constant changes in the marketing landscape and with the right strategy, patience and consistent effort–you can use these changes to your advantage.

So today on the blog, let’s look at why your business can benefit from having an editorial presence and how you can leverage it. Ready? Let’s dive in.


1. Marketing Strategy Is Evolving And Leaning Towards A Community-Led Approach. 

The marketing industry has changed considerably over the past few years. Previously, the focus was on decision-makers and one-sided conversations directed at customers. Now, it has shifted to a community-led approach that uses content marketing, media and publishing with the goal of a more conversational relationship between the brand and its audience. 

Product-Led Approach Vs A Community-Led Approach

In a product-led growth approach, the product itself attracts consumers and drives retention. This is more suitable for brands that have utility-based products that have already been validated socially or don’t require a community to thrive. 

Community-led approach on the other hand is more focused on building relationships with your customers through a community and creating content that adds value to your audience. Your brand can gain value through a community-led approach especially if you’re just starting out and your brand requires social proof.


2. Ads No Longer Have The Impact They Used To. 

The ad space is oversaturated and people get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. They crave messaging that is authentic and something that speaks to them directly. Because of this, many companies are now investing in content creation as a part of their marketing strategy for customer acquisition and engagement. Studies show that 73% of content creation is the area of content marketing where there has been the most reported increase in spending.

Content Creations vs Ads

Investing in content creation and creating evergreen, high-quality content will bring in leads long after they’re published. On the other hand, an advertising campaign has a lifespan—once it ends, so does your lead generation. In addition, Ads have high costs and high competition. Online content is king, focusing on creating high-quality content, publishing, and distribution tactics can ensure longevity in the online space. It also helps in shaping your brand’s image and contributes to your success.


3. You Can Meet Your Audience Where They Are And Attract New Customers.

Your audience can come from different places like blogs, social media, podcasts or videos. Take note that each audience has different needs and by using different platforms/mediums, you will be able to meet your audience where they’re at. For example, those who listen to your podcast or follow your socials may have different needs and challenges from those who read your blog posts.

While social media may give you the easiest and quickest result, you shouldn't solely rely on it to attract your audience as it may not be the most reliable platform. Why? You’ll want to avoid being dependent on these platforms because when they’re down, so is your business. Additionally, you’ll have to constantly adjust your strategy based on each platform's rules.

By creating a media engine, you’re not limited to a particular medium/platform. In the long run, it is a sustainable, more reliable, and cost-effective way of attracting your audience organically. When you’re in the editorial space, you can tailor your content to each user type and where they are in the buyer’s journey and attract several personas using different mediums.

You can also use this for SEO purposes and utilise your content for cross-channel promotion and repurpose it for emails newsletters, social media promotion, etc.


4. Build Trust With Customers

Creating high-quality and consistent content that resonates with your audience will give you credibility and in time, your audience will trust you. Editorial content is also a way of highlighting your expertise without coming off as too salesy. Once you've earned their trust, the chance of them coming back and staying with your brand increases.


5. You Establish Yourself As An Industry Thought Leader.

One of the best ways to stand out in the B2B space is to become a thought leader in your industry. (To learn more, check my blog post on how a become a thought leader in your industry.)

By being a trusted source of insight and information, you add value to your audience and you become their go-to person. In time, it will help you build a loyal following and eventually attract potential customers.

Building an editorial space is a long-term investment so you have to begin immediately as it takes time and effort and can take years before you see results. However, in the long run, attracting your audience organically through thoughtful consistent and strong editorial content will be the most cost-effective and sustainable method to grow your brand. 

As a business and marketing consultant, it’s my job to help you figure out a smart, strategic approach to your business that goes hand-in-hand with reaching your goals. They don’t call me the CEO’s wing woman for nothing, so if you crave actionable support and strategy from a 7-figure industry leader, learn more about my consulting services

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