Top 11 Tools & Resources For Busy Working Moms


Top 11 Tools & Resources For Busy Working Moms

Are you looking for ways to boost productivity as a busy working mom? I understand the challenges you face, so you’ve come to the right place. Believe me when I say it requires good organisation and planning to balance the two.

It’s common practice for me to have two screaming children, a mountain of emails to respond to, a report to write, washing to fold and dinner to cook. Imagine what it would be like to have more hours in the day! More hours to get things done and achieve everything you want to in your day.

Over the years, I’ve learnt some tips and tricks to help boost productivity. Here are my favourite resources to be more productive and efficient with my time.

Favourite Business Tools & Resources For Balancing Working Mom Life:

  • Canva – this is the best trick to make your content look like it has been professionally design. Use the inbuilt templates online or buy your own templates and load them in! Magic.
  • Asana – this is hands down the best to-do list EVER and it even has an app version. Projects, teams and lists – plus you can print them off if you prefer hard copy lists.
  • Google Drive – my favourite online storage system because it’s so simple and easy to use!
  • Creative Market – buy creative templates including website themes, Canva templates, logos and more from this awesome online creative market!
  • Outlook app – I do love Outlook for my work emails and this app allows you to view your calendar and emails all in one easy place.
  • Gmail app – I do love Gmail for my personal emails and the app is super user friendly.
  • Google Analytics – I LOVE analytics so it’s no secret that I like to have Google
    Analytics on stand-by. Very easy to use from the app and tells you great info about your website/blog traffic!
  • Mail Chimp – I’m currently running MailChimp and this app makes thing super easy to check and load campaigns from your phone.
  • Daily Planner – I’m a HUGE list fan so you can check out the daily to do list I created which has work & personal tasks on the same page.
  • Weekly Planner – I’m a HUGE fan of writing down weekly tasks on a Sunday night. Check out my favourite weekly planner here!
  • Simple Habit – when you are a busy working mom, it’s easy to get TOO busy and then burnt out! Take time out for you with these simple 5-minute meditations.

These tools & resources help me automate systems and processes, save time and build the business. Balancing working mom life is an art – but with good tools and resources, you can sky rocket productivity too.

The more organisation, preparation and planning you do – the better. Do you know how important it is to have a clear destination and road map on where you are heading? Take time out to plan and review your goals regularly so you stay on track.

Remember – we are what we repeatedly do. Our daily habits shape our future.

I’m always on the lookout for the best resources for working moms that make my life just a little bit easier. That means fewer to-dos, and more time back in my day for the things (and little people) I love.

Have you used these tools & resources before? Do you have any extra’s you can share in the comments below that I can add to the post?

Olivia x