The Foolproof Morning Routine Working Moms Need

The Foolproof Morning Routine Working Moms Need

The Foolproof Morning Routine Working Moms Need

What do your mornings look like?

As the mum of three little ones under three, I know firsthand how a chaotic morning can wreak havoc on the rest of the day, rendering me unproductive and miserable. Can you relate? If so, just know there’s hope — with a little planning and commitment, you can easily transform your mornings into a time you look forward to…or at least don’t completely dread!

The key to nixing the morning chaos for good is sticking to a morning routine that works for you and your family and makes you feel good. It sounds deceptively simple, but that’s really all there is to it. 

So, what does this look like? 

That’s going to depend on YOUR lifestyle, business, and family. However, there are a few things that I firmly believe are non-negotiables in all working mom’s morning routines — keep reading to see what they are.

  • Waking up earlier
    You’ve probably heard this 100 times, but that’s because it really, truly works. Waking up early gives you back time in your day that you can use to get things done OR as time to yourself before you’re on mom duty. You don’t have to aim for 5am, but an extra hour in the morning really helps.
  • Exercising
    Exercise is good for you in so many ways, and you only need to set aside 20-60 minutes a day to reap all the benefits that come with moving your body. Make the effort to do so — you’ll be happy you did, and it will give you a little endorphin boost you can carry with you for the rest of the day!


  • Drink water
    Make sure you drink some water in the morning to rehydrate after a long night’s sleep! It will also jumpstart your metabolism and sharpen up your brain first thing.
  • Take a moment to do something that brings you peace
    You’ll stop dreading your morning if you give yourself something to look forward to. Take a moment to pause and enjoy yourself every morning, whether that means drinking some coffee, reading a good book, listening to a podcast, or playing with a beloved pet.

In addition to carving out a morning routine that includes all of the above, you’ll also want to think about what your evening looks like. Ask yourself what you can do the night before to make the following morning easier on you.

For me, that means laying out my outfit the night before (so I don’t have to waste time making yet another decision in the morning), figuring out my to-do list for the next day, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. All of these are actions that make my mornings much more pleasant.

Remember, no matter what your morning looks like (even if it includes tantrums and chaos), you’re doing the best you can. Being a working mom is no easy feat, which is why I hope these tips will make your mornings just a little bit easier the way they’ve helped me.

Let me know in the comments if you have any morning routine musts for me to try! I’m excited to hear them all.

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