Olivia Jenkins Announced As Finalist In 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards!

I am thrilled to announce that I have been selected as a finalist in the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards! I couldn’t be more honoured and grateful to be recognised in the following three categories in Western Australia and South Australia: Rising Star AusMumpreneur of the Year, B2B Business Service and Service Business.

If you aren’t already familiar with the AusMumpreneur Awards, they are all about supporting Australian mums in business, challenging the stereotypes about working mums, and raising awareness regarding the contributions made by women with young children to the Australian economy. The AusMumpreneur Awards are nationally recognised and have been running for the past 10 years, so this is a HUGE honour and opportunity that I don’t take lightly.

As a mum of three under three who launched and scaled a business to six-figures shortly before a global pandemic and falling pregnant with baby #3, I have faced a lot of unique challenges when it comes to balancing my own babies and company. As a result, I could not feel more connected to the mission behind the AusMumpreneur Awards. The truth is, it’s hard to be a mum in business at times! I’d be lying if I said there weren’t days I had to sacrifice time with my family for time with my business, or vice versa. Knowing that these difficult decisions are recognised is what makes being considered for any of the AusMumpreneur Awards even more special and rewarding.

No matter the outcome, I’m thrilled to even be considered alongside so many other outstanding CEOs and mums, and I am so looking forward to the Award Presentations!

I also want to thank you all for your support reading my blogs, following my socials, and booking my services. You’ve allowed me to make my dream of becoming “the CEO’s Wing Woman” come true just by being here.

If you are a mum who is wanting to launch a business, I’d love to chat with you more about how I can support you as a fellow mum in business who has been in your shoes before and has 10+ years of experience helping CEOs take the digital landscape by storm. Book your FREE call today!

x Olivia