My Top Tools and Tips for Managing Biz & Mum Life


My Top Tools and Tips for Managing Biz & Mum Life

Being a mum and running a business is like having two full-time jobs, which is why I always like to stress the importance of a healthy home and work life balance. I cannot express how much easier it is to achieve this when you have the right tools on hand to simplify your life and help you manage your time.’

Today, I want to share with you some of my favourite tools that have allowed me to free up time, organise my schedule, and stay on top of all the most important things I need to take care of at home and in my business. 

Ready to dive in?

  • Online shopping for groceries
    Ordering groceries online is the #1 timesaver I can recommend for mums with kids of any age, but especially young kids. It completely eliminates the hassle of buckling the kids into the car, driving to the grocery store, shopping for the groceries, buckling the kids back into the car, and then driving home — a process that sometimes takes me HOURS when I’m with all three kids. Instead, you can order exactly what you want from the comfort of your couch and have it all delivered during a convenient time frame of your choosing. No fuss at all, and you don’t have to carry it all in from the car at the end, either! My family prefers Woolworths for this service, but Coles offers it as well.
  • Meal delivery service
    When I want to have healthy and delicious meals on hand without having to prep them days in advance, I turn to meal delivery services as the solution. Our family favourite is Vintage Chef Co., but a quick Google search will yield tons of options in your area! Browse the website and use my code OLIVIA10 to save on your purchase!
  • Stationary by Steph Pase Planners
    Call me old-fashioned, but I absolutely adore using physical stationary to help me organise my thoughts and to-do lists. The stationary offered by Steph Pase Planners is not only aesthetic and clean (a must), but also features a wide variety of options depending on your needs. I’m partial to the Home & Work To Do List, Weekly & Monthly Planner Bundle, & Fridge Magnets. Browse the website and use my code OLIVIAJENKINS15 to save on your purchase!
  • Xero
    Bookkeeping is one of those tasks that can quickly begin to feel overwhelming or challenging if you don’t have a simple system in place from the get-go. Xero has always been my platform of choice for managing my finances and keeping everything organised. 
  • Canva
    For easy, brand-aligned graphics that look professional, there’s no better option than Canva. It makes content creation a breeze for me and my team and the Pro version is just $12.99 a month and can be used by teams!
  • Planoly
    Scheduling out my social media content in advance is one of those time-saving activities that I end up being so happy I did, because I never worry about posting in my spare time. I love it because it can schedule my posts for me and I can plan out the visual aesthetic of my feed at the same time.


I only ever suggest products and/or services I’ve tried and loved, so rest assured that all of these are recommendations that have personally helped me stay organised as a mum and CEO. Be sure to check out my other blog post full of tips and tricks on how to master life as a working mum, as well!

Do you utilise any of the above tools? If not, what are some of your favourites? Share them in the comments below!