How to Use Social Media to Build Your Beauty Business

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Beauty Business

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Beauty Business

When it comes to building a thriving beauty business, not utilising the power of social media is no longer an option. More consumers than ever before are turning to social media to help them make decisions about what to purchase. The reason why is simple: social media is the perfect platform for creating a strong brand-consumer connection while generating brand loyalty and showcasing products. As most buyers follow their favorite brands on social media, the opportunity to reach your most receptive audience via this avenue is massive.

So, what does this mean for your beauty business?

Simply put, it’s time to make your social media a priority if it isn’t one currently. Right now, there are three social media platforms that stand out as “the place to be” for beauty influencers and they all serve different purposes. Let’s break down the benefits of each one:

Instagram is probably the best place your beauty business can be. Not only is it a huge platform with major visibility potential, but there’s a lot of opportunity to show off your products via visual content and influencer marketing. Here are my best tips for using Instagram:

  • Reels make going viral easier than ever before. Don’t be afraid to post Reels 2-3x a week and get creative with your transitions!

  • Partner with influencers who have a similar audience and use them to promote your products. This is by far the most effective way to gain brand recognition and serious visibility.

  • Use the highly visual nature of Instagram to show your audience what your products can do. Testimonial images, before-and-afters, tutorials, product close-ups, etc help your audience see what is possible when they purchase your products.


TikTok is a new social media app that appeals to a younger audience through video content. Because TikTok is so new, it is generating a lot of excitement — so if you aim to reach a Gen Z crowd, you should be hanging out on TikTok. Here’s how to approach it:

  • The potential to go viral on TikTok is huge and easier than any other social media app due to the algorithm. To make sure your video has a chance of going viral, focus on creating high-quality content that is entertaining and easily digestible.

  • TikTok is a video-only app, so you’ll need to come up with different ways to utilise short-form video. Think mini-tutorials, product descriptions, video testimonials, and so on.

  • Influencers on TikTok are blowing up right now and gaining huge celebrity potential. It’s worth it to consider reaching out to up-and-coming TikTok influencers about partnerships. 


YouTube has always been a classic destination for all things beauty, and it’s still a go-to for many people when it comes to long-form video product reviews/hauls and tutorials. Here’s how to make the most out of YouTube for your beauty business:

  • Create long-form video content that makes sense – like a full makeup look tutorial or breakdown of all your products and what they do. The longer video format on YouTube makes it a great place to provide your customers with additional value.

  • Beauty influencers on YouTube hold a lot of power — some are even considered “celebrities” in the industry. Partnering up with an influencer who can create content for your brand using your products is a way to create massive demand for what you’re offering.

  • YouTube advertising can help you bring in additional revenue and tap into a new audience. If you can spare the expense, it’s worth looking into.


The bottom line is that social media is what has by far the largest potential to explode your beauty brand in the current climate of the industry. It allows you to take your marketing into your own hands and directly tap into what your audience wants to see from you, while creating lasting connections.

As a digital marketing consultant who specialises in supporting beauty and lifestyle brands as they scale, I’ve helped dozens of businesses create a social media strategy that brings in major results.

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