How to Support Your BFF’s New Business (So That It Really Counts)

How to Support Your BFF’s New Business (So That It Really Counts)

How to Support Your BFF’s New Business (So That It Really Counts)

Do you remember how you felt when you first started your business? I know I do! I had just left my dream job to start OJC — with two young kids under my belt! I was drowning in fear and uncertainty, but I was able to push through those feelings and became the successful CEO I am today for three main reasons: 1) I trusted my expertise, 2) I was more afraid to not try than I was to fail, and 3) I had an INCREDIBLE support system.

Let’s talk about that last part…support. When you launch a new business, being surrounded by people who support you is SO important, which is why today I wanted to share more about how you can support a friend in their latest entrepreneurial endeavour.

It’s easy enough to be a supportive friend through social media, but likes, comments, and follows only go so far. If a good friend of yours is starting a business, it’s your job as a friend to uplift them and support them as much as possible — even if it means making an extra effort every now and then.

Here’s what to do to show your support in a way that really matters, and will mean the absolute WORLD to your friend.

If You Need What They Have To Offer, Buy It!

This one may seem obvious, but that’s because it really is helpful. If your friend is selling a service or product that you’re looking for and you trust them to deliver a good result, why not go ahead and purchase it from them? This way, you can show your support while getting what you need. It’s a win-win for everyone!

(Of course, if you don’t need what your friend is selling, you don’t have to buy it, ESPECIALLY if it’s a higher investment…but if they have something low-ticket on the table that you don’t mind purchasing, this is another great way to show your support.) 

See If They Need Help
As a new business owner, your friend may not be fully familiar with all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. See if there are any areas where your friend could use some help and your skills would come in handy. Having a little guidance from somebody who has been in their shoes before is invaluable to your friend — especially if they aren’t at a stage in business where they’re able to invest in a mentor yet.

Refer Them Out
Use your following to help your friend gain visibility and build a community of their own. Don’t hesitate to shout your friend out on your social media or refer them to members of your community — your personal network is SO powerful, and could be the reason your friend lands their first sale! 

Buy Them a Present

It’s always nice to be acknowledged for the big, powerful moves we make in life, and starting a business is certainly one of them! Celebrate your friend by gifting them something meaningful that you think will serve them in their business journey — whether it’s a book, beautiful stationary (use code OLIVIAJENKINS15 to save!), strategy call with an expert, etc, your friend will appreciate that you’re thinking of them! 

Going the extra mile to support your friend’s business endeavour in a way that’s deeper than surface-level is something that they won’t forget, so get moving!

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