How to Set (and Smash) Your Goals in 2022


How to Set (and Smash) Your Goals in 2022

Do you set goals and not follow through at the beginning of every new year? If so, this blog post is for you.

We all know the stereotype associated with setting New Year’s goals and resolutions — that they rarely (if ever) last, and are usually forgotten by February or March at the latest.

I’m here to tell you that that doesn’t have to be the case if you don’t want it to be. The truth is, goal-setting is a majorly important activity for most business owners, and the reason it becomes so prevalent around the New Years mark is because it feels like a “fresh start.” 

If you approach goal-setting from a strategic, realistic standpoint, that’s exactly what it is. Every new year brings the opportunity to reflect, see what worked (and didn’t work) the year prior, and implement that information into goals that make sense.

Ultimately, effective goal-setting comes down to setting realistic expectations and creating a solid plan. It really is that simple.

Here’s what to do if you don’t know where to even start.

  • Be specific with your goal-setting.
    What do you want to achieve? Get really specific about your goal and the desired outcome.
  • Questions to Ask Yourself: Who does my goal involve? What am I trying to accomplish here? When and why do I want to make this goal happen?

  • Make your goals measurable.
    Breaking your goals into manageable chunks is one of the best ways to make the process feel less overwhelming while getting a sense of your progress over time. Give yourself daily, weekly, and monthly steps towards your goal. When you accomplish one, move on to the next.

  • Questions to Ask Yourself: How long will it take me to reach my goal? How can I break this timeline down into an actionable, step-by-step plan?

  • Make sure your goals are actually important to you.
  • Sometimes, we set goals based on what we think we should be doing instead of what we really want to be doing. The result is never good. For you to follow through on goal-setting, you need to genuinely desire achieving said goal. Working towards a goal you aren’t passionate about is only going to make you unhappy and unfulfilled.

    Questions to Ask Yourself: Is this my goal? Why do I want this? What about this matters to me?

  • Put your goals in writing.
  • Writing down your goals and “solidifying” them sends a message to your brain that it’s time to buckle down and get to work. Keep your goals somewhere you can see them for an added burst of motivation each day.

    Questions to Ask Yourself: Do I know the steps to reach my goal? Have I laid out a plan for how to get there?

  • Accountability is everything.
  • Setting goals is one thing — smashing them is another. When it comes to actually achieving your goals, accountability is key. In order to hold yourself accountable, you need to be okay with being brutally honest with yourself about your abilities and progress, adhere to a set routine, and work through any potential mindset issues that could lead to self-sabotage. And remember, accountability isn’t always a bad thing — be sure to celebrate your wins as they happen, too. (Click here to read more about how I approach motivation and accountability!)

    Questions to Ask Yourself: Am I staying on track? Am I pleased with the quality of my work? Am I slacking in any area?

    If you follow the above advice when you’re setting goals for your business, you’ll find the process motivating and straightforward instead of overwhelming and confusing. You’ll also get to reap the many incredible benefits of goal-setting, so it’s a win-win!