How To Embrace A Growth Mindset As A CEO

How To Embrace A Growth Mindset As A CEO

How To Embrace A Growth Mindset As A CEO

In the episode of THE CEO's WING WOMAN® Podcast, we deep-dive into one of my favourite topics – Growth Mindset.

As an advocate for personal and professional development, featuring this concept in an early episode was a no-brainer in order to establish the podcast as ‘The Ultimate Growth Mindset Podcast’.

To me a growth mindset is the continuous pursuit of excellence – continually finding ways to better and improve yourself and not believing that you're fixed or limited by your mindset.

When you think about the main difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, a fixed mindset will often avoid challenges because they don’t want to fail. But – a growth mindset individual will see a challenge and they'll view it as an opportunity.

In this episode, you'll learn:

→ The difference between a growth mindset and fixed mindset and the characteristics an individual may display within each. 

→ Why embracing a growth mindset as a CEO is important in the context of business, and how to remain at cause for every single situation in your life. 

→ How I personally embrace a growth mindset in various aspects of my life and share some valuable tips to help you implement a growth mindset in yours. 

I would also love to share a FREE resource with you — my Elevating Your CEO Mindset Workbook. This workbook will help you explore your current mindset and identify potential blocks and areas of improvement, so that you can start working towards shifting your beliefs and stepping into a stronger, more successful CEO mindset. You can download the workbook HERE.

There is so much more we could explore on the topic of Growth Mindset – and I cannot wait to take you further into this in upcoming episodes. By viewing challenges as opportunities and taking charge of our actions, we can step into a stronger, more empowered version of ourselves.

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