How to Balance Business With School-Aged Children


How to Balance Business With School-Aged Children

Let’s be honest — for female entrepreneurs, there is a constant underlying battle when it comes to family and work. Your business requires so much of your attention, but so do your babies…and the last thing you want is to miss all their big, monumental moments.

I know how you feel. As a mum of three young children myself and the CEO behind Olivia Jenkins Consulting, business and motherhood has become a balancing act that I’ve had to learn to perfect over the last few years. And the truth is, it’s constantly changing and evolving. Every day I learn something new about what it means to be both a good CEO and a good parent.

The good news is that if you’re currently feeling like you could use some help with your own balancing act, you’re in the right place. Today’s blog post is all about how to balance business and your family once your kids are off to school.

Ready to dive in?

  • Plan your week accordingly.
    Your kids will be in school for most of the day Monday through Friday, so it’s very important to plan ahead and ensure you have everything they’ll need throughout the week ready by Sunday night. This means groceries, school supplies, homework assignments or projects — have it all prepped so that you aren’t spending time doing it when the kids are in school as this is precious, distraction-free time you can use to work on your business! 
  • I also recommend planning for the week ahead on Sunday nights and documenting all of your commitments for the upcoming week. This can include work calls and meetings, school pick-up or playdates for the kids, appointments for yourself or the kids — any important dates in general really. The Steph Pase Weekly Planner is a great option to keep all of your planning in one place. (Use my code ‘OLIVIA15’ to take 15% off your order!)

    Finally, use a monthly planner magnet or calendar magnet for your fridge so that you and your partner can easily keep track of what is happening and when. This is also a great way to coordinate household responsibilities.

  • Save time on meals.
    Creating your grocery list, driving to and from the grocery store, unpacking your items, cooking dinner, and then cleaning up can sometimes be a multiple-hours long process that you just don’t have time for during a busy week. Luckily, a little planning can prevent this from taking up too much of your energy. Here’s how:

  • Meal planning. Decide on a menu for the week and only buy what you’ll need to properly execute that menu. This can prevent ‘decision paralysis’ at the grocery store (not to mention help avoid waste and save you money). To meal plan like a pro, check out the Steph Pase Meal Planner magnet (use code ‘OLIVIA15’ to take 15% off your order!)

  • Online ordering. Why trek all the way to the grocery store when you can get groceries delivered to your front doorstep, saving you the time and hassle of a commute? If you’re somebody who spends hours upon hours a week at the grocery store, I promise this option is worth the added delivery fees.

  • Use your time wisely. Plan for dinners that you can start preparing in advance, so that the cooking time is faster the next day. This can be as simple as pre-slicing your ingredients — any ‘time-saving hacks’ will help at the moment. Another good option is to use a slow-cooker if you know you’ll be home all day. This way, dinner will be ready long before the kids get back from school and you won’t need to rush to prepare it.

  • Prepare for school the night before. Lay out what your kids will be wearing, prepare their lunches, pack their backpacks — taking care of the things that may cause added stress in the morning the night before is a major game-changer. The same thing goes for before they get home from school — it’s much easier to have a snack prepared and their bath ready than try to do those things while they’re wanting to tell you all about their day.

  • Work when you can!
    You will know when the best time for you to focus on business is. For most working mums, when kids are in school is truly the best time to dive into ‘deep work’ and take important calls that you don’t want interrupted. Simpler tasks that don’t require as much of your attention can be completed while the kids are sleeping, watching TV, eating, etc.

  • If you’re able to, outsource some help.
    It is 100% okay to get help from a professional when it comes to cleaning, childcare, cooking, etc. In fact, it may be just the thing you need on occasion to crack down and get some work done without the stress of everyday life creeping in. Ask your loved ones and close friends for their recommendations and be sure to hold interviews to make sure the individual is the right fit for your family. This is ESPECIALLY important when it comes to childcare!

  • The most important thing of all that I want you to remember is what a fantastic job you are doing. As a mum AND business owner, you are literally working two full-time jobs, and very few people can appreciate how difficult that is. If you’re ever doubting yourself, know that you are doing a very hard thing and smashing it! It’s okay to feel tired, overwhelmed, or uncertain at times. It just means that you are human.

    If you ever want to chat more about how you can create a solid balance in your business as a mum and CEO, I’d love to hear from you! Click here to learn more about strategising with me on a 90-minute intensive call.