Clubhouse App: All You Need to Know About This Exclusive Social Media Audio App

Clubhouse App: All You Need to Know About This Exclusive Social Media Audio App

Clubhouse App: All You Need to Know About This Exclusive Social Media Audio App

By now, you might have heard about the new social media platform, Clubhouse. Living up to its name, Clubhouse is all about exclusivity. Here’s everything you need to know about Clubhouse in case you find yourself using it.

What is Clubhouse App

Clubhouse App was launched in May 2020 and is the newest buzz in the world of social media. It is a live audio-based social media app that enables you to network, build a community and engage with other users. 

And even though Clubhouse App is still in a beta state, there’s a lot that this app offers.


Being in Clubhouse almost feels like being a member of an exclusive club. Unlike the other existing social media platforms where you can simply download the app and register, you cannot get into Clubhouse unless you are invited or given access to by existing users. 

Voice Chat v.2.0

Clubhouse allows users to create ‘Rooms’. These rooms will have an audience, a speaker and at times, a moderator. The topics are endless and you can also change the settings of the room to private or public depending on preference.

Live Audio

Another exciting feature of the app is that all the talks are live and there’s no option to record and listen later. The result is people are spending hours on the app and the speakers can respond to their audience in real-time.

Simple and Straightforward

Visual media like Instagram and Tiktok poses barriers to most influencers – the need to put on makeup or select the best outfit or worry about your overall appearance. Clubhouse, being an audio-only social media app gives its users the whole social media experience while stripping away these barriers. It also removes the need for any filter, video-editing or use for any podcasting software. 

Discover Content

Because there are tons of rooms created each day and a variety of niche speakers available on the app, it is a great platform to discover new and trending content you can use and repurpose. You can also start a new room exclusively for curating content and ask your participants questions or interview them.

Get Connected

In Clubhouse, you can join clubs, build a community and follow people within your niche. You can also attach your other social media accounts because Clubhouse does not have the private message feature and most of the networking happens off the platform.

Who Should Be In Clubhouse

While there is a restriction in getting to the Clubhouse App, there are no requirements on who should be in there. Whether you’re a marketer, an influencer, a brand, a coach or trainer, a content creator, a public speaker or a professional, you are welcome to join the club (with an invite, that is).

The real question is not really who should be in the clubhouse, but why aren’t you?

How to Get A Clubhouse Invite

Clubhouse is an exciting app that shows massive potential despite it still being in the early stage. But what makes it exciting is also the reason why most people are having a hard time getting on the platform – its invite-only policy.

Here are ways on how you can score an invite to Clubhouse today.

Get on the Clubhouse waitlist

The first step is to visit the Clubhouse website or go to the App Store and download the app. The app will then scan your contacts and see who is already on the app and notify them to give you access. It will also require you to join the waitlist and wait for exclusive access to the app.

NOTE: As of writing, the app is only available to iOS users.

Reach out to your network

Whether, you’re on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can utilise these social media apps to get invited to Clubhouse. Simply make a post, use the hashtag #Clubhouse and/or tag @Clubhouse. This will not automatically grant you access but other Clubhouse users may be able to find your post and give you an invite link.

Grow your social media network

If you haven’t already, it is time to grow your circle on social media. Connect with more people, participate in forums dedicated to Clubhouse and get connected with people there. This will likely increase your chances of scoring an invite with someone.

Weighing In On the Clubhouse App

Like any other social media app, Clubhouse App poses pros and cons you need to weigh in before deciding if the platform is right for you.

Poses the urgency to connect

Because the app has no feature for private messages or inbox, any conversations made within the platform are gone forever. This could be a con but can also be a pro as this feature encourages users to connect immediately off the platform.

Less screen time

This could be the biggest advantage of being in Clubhouse. It lessens the screen fatigue caused by hours spent glued to our screen. It also allows some form of multi-tasking as we can be doing other things while still being able to listen or participate.

Less pressure

Since the pandemic has made more people working from home, the Clubhouse app could be an excellent alternative to Zoom – without the pressure of ‘having to prepare for a video call’ like putting on a presentable makeup and outfit.

App moderation still needs improvement

The app is still in the beta stage and policies are still being worked out. As of now, the app still does not have a reporting feature which will be a big threat since verbal abuse and cyber harassment would be inevitable as the app users grow. 

Lack of accessibility to audio-impaired individuals

Because the app is predominantly audio, it naturally excludes those with hearing disabilities from joining and taking part in talks or conversations.

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