Business Coach Advice: Start Using these 4 LinkedIn Company Page Tools

Business Coach Advice: Start Using these 4 LinkedIn Company Page Tools

Business Coach Advice: Start Using these 4 LinkedIn Company Page Tools

LinkedIn may not be trending as much as social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok. However, it does provide personal brands and businesses with a host of valuable benefits. Its professional and educational content are a couple of the reasons why people who use LinkedIn are very engaged.

As business owners, engagement on social platforms is what we strive for. We want an audience that engages with our content and doesn't simply just scroll through. We need a platform that has visitors with intent like the ones actively searching for answers to their questions or problems. After all, it is easier to market to someone who needs the product or service rather than those who just scrolled through by chance. 

If you want to build an audience for your business on LinkedIn, you first need to create a company page. Then, you need to post content regularly and respond to comments made on your posts. Lastly, you need to generate leads that will turn your audience into clients. 

My advice as a business consultant is to make use of the company page features. They are integrated into your profile to aid you in your goals. So, use them! 

Although there are several LinkedIn company page features you can embrace, I suggest you first start using these four tools. These tools will help you improve your brand’s lead generation and enable you to engage with potential clients as your brand. 

Let’s learn them one by one!

LinkedIn Tool #1 - Paid Promotion

Like other social media platforms, you can do a paid promotion on LinkedIn. If you are already using Facebook Ads, it will be easy for you to catch on and start making ads. LinkedIn also offers a variety of ad types where you can promote different kinds of content. 

The biggest difference between LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads is their designated target market. Since LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, its ads and audience are also people who are engaged in businesses. Thus, LinkedIn Ads are best for B2B companies while Facebook Ads are better for B2C businesses. 

Last June 2022, LinkedIn added a new promotion feature for users with company pages. They can now promote LinkedIn events to get more people to join in. You can now also choose to sponsor a LinkedIn Live event so you can grab the attention of other users who have not followed your page yet. 

LinkedIn Tool #2 - Engagement Features

There are limitations to having a company page on LinkedIn and one of them is engagement. Previously, a brand can only engage on the content they posted themselves. They can also respond to mentions from posts where the company was mentioned. 

But now, company pages can engage with any posts from their feed regardless if they were mentioned or tagged. This means that if the page follows a particular LinkedIn user or another company, they can place their reactions and leave comments on their posts. If your company page has employees, you can also participate in their posts.

Although your company page cannot still comment on events, groups, and articles, there are still many ways you can maximise the engagement features. 

You can still share other content on your LinkedIn company page. You can also join in recent topics and share your company’s perspective on the matter. Plus, you can as well, build connections with your target clients and partner with other brands. 

LinkedIn Tool #3 - Lead Generation Form

Do you know that you can get the contact information of your potential clients through your LinkedIn company page? If you don’t, you should integrate LinkedIn’s lead generation form into your page. 

On other social media sites, you would usually include a link to a Google Form or other similar forms so you can get the necessary information about your customers. But on LinkedIn, your audience doesn’t have to get redirected. 

As a result, the lead generation conversion rate of those who use the LinkedIn Form is five times higher than those who use linked forms or landing pages. This rate also outperforms other similar platforms by 300%. 

Also, don’t forget to use the LinkedIn lead generation form and convert your organic page visitors into customers. You can opt to use the free option but it has limitations like text character limits and form customisation. But if you need more information from your clients, then you can go for the paid lead gen form.

LinkedIn Tool #4 - Article and Newsletter Publication

The last LinkedIn tool that you should try is the article and newsletter publication. This is very different from LinkedIn posts since this is like an article posted on websites. You can post articles, newsletters, and even blogs on your Company Page.

Furthermore, this LinkedIn feature allows your audience to subscribe to your articles. As a result, they get notified whenever you post a new article or newsletter. 

You can also mention those whom you know will increase engagement in the LinkedIn article. Plus, you can also add 3 hashtags so this will automatically appear in the discovery feed. 

There you have the four LinkedIn company page features that you should start using today.

You don’t need to use all four of these LinkedIn page features, but think about which tool will help you achieve your business goals. If you need more brand awareness, you can use tool #1 and 4. 

If you need to create relationships with your audience, then use tool #2. And if you want to turn your audience into customers, you need tool #3.

Do you need more help with promoting your business on LinkedIn and other social media platforms? Then it may be time to connect with an award-winning business coach and business consultant!

My job is to help you formulate a strategic approach to your business so you can achieve all your business goals. As the CEO’s Wing Woman®, we can work together and make this possible.

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