A Marketing Expert’s Secrets to Creating a Cult Brand


A Marketing Expert’s Secrets to Creating a Cult Brand

A Marketing Expert’s Secrets to Creating a Cult Brand

Ah. Cult brands — you know the type.

Their products sell out in just a few minutes. There is constant hype surrounding their next launch or business move. And their crazy-loyal consumers non-stop rave about how fabulous everything is.

It’s easy to look at a cult brand and desperately want the same thing for your business. But the truth is, there’s a lot that goes into the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of building a brand with such a dedicated following.

Keep reading to learn my top five secrets (straight from an expert digital marketing consultant) on how to skyrocket your brand to cult status in no time!

But first, what exactly is a cult brand?

You know what a cult brand looks like. But what’s the true definition of the phrase? Simply put, a “cult brand” is a brand with a super-devoted following. Cult brands know that their customers will follow them anywhere and choose their product or service over competitors no matter what. Cult brands are able to achieve this level of devotion amongst their consumers by connecting with their target audience and creating a culture that people genuinely want to be a part of. Cult brands may sell something “simple”, but the marketing behind what they are selling is what truly draws in such a loyal customer base.

Examples of cult brands you know and love
You can probably think of a few brands that fit the cult criteria off the top of your head, but here some that I like to use as prime examples:

  • Lululemon
    Go to any high-end gym or boutique fitness class and you’re sure to see multiple pairs of Lululemon’s iconic leggings, which retail at $119 AUD. The steep price tag doesn’t matter for the community of individuals who love Lululemon and the brand’s core commitment to helping them lead healthier, longer lives. 

  • Apple
    Apple users are die-hard for the brand’s sleek, high-tech products — but not because they’re necessarily “better” than their Samsung and Google counterparts. In fact, when you break down the specs of Apple, Samsung, and Google devices, they aren’t all that different. The reason Apple boasts such loyal fans is because the brand has become synonymous with luxury and innovation.

  • Starbucks
    We all know that person who could make their coffee at home, but instead chooses to go on a wild goose chase to secure their Starbucks — even if it means paying top dollar for a cup of coffee or adding extra time to their commute. This brand loyalty is a direct result of the experience Starbucks provides their consumers: highly customisable coffee with drink types and flavors for every individual. 

    Five secrets to skyrocket your brand to “cult” status

  • Take your leadership seriously
    As the CEO of your company, you are responsible for the culture you create within your brand and the way you communicate that to customers. Both your team and audience WILL look to you for guidance and inspiration, which is why it is so important that you solidify your role as a strong and stable leader. The more people who are fans of you as a person, the more you’ll be able to amass that cult-leve following.

  • Help your audience take a stand
    Did you know that 64% of today’s buyers are belief-driven? This means they like to support brands who they feel can solve big problems in the world and create powerful change. As much as you are able to, bring your brand values to life in a way that allows your target audience to take a stand about something that is meaningful to them. This could mean creating recyclable packaging, donating a portion of your profits, or something else that aligns with the values of both your brand and your customers.

  • Embrace innovation
    Cult brands take ideas you know and love to the next level through innovation. If you want to achieve cult status, you need to be willing to think outside the box and do things differently in your business. What is your unique angle? How are you going to “wow” the world when it comes to your product, delivery, messaging, and marketing strategies? What makes your brand truly and unequivocally different from your competitors?

  • Create a distinct brand identity
    The identity behind your brand is what you will come to be associated with on your rise to “cult status.” Think about it: you know that somebody is wearing Lululemon leggings just from the logo that it stitched onto the back of the leggings. You want to create the same level of recognition for your own brand, which means finding both visual and verbal “stickers” that will become representative of your brand in the long-run. Visual stickers can include your logo, colors, fonts, or graphics related to your brand. Verbal stickers can include catchphrases and slogans.

  • Form a community
    At its core, cult-brand status is all about forming a community and connecting with that community on a deep level. This means giving your supporters not only multiple places to congregate in support of your brand (such as social media communities or apps) but also showing them how much you care about their support by regularly engaging with them in these communities, hosting special events and giveaways, and providing high-value free content that they love to consume.

  • There you have it — my top five secrets to creating a cult-level brand your audience will love.

    If you want to take things a step further and solidify a tangible plan for your rise to cult-status, that’s what my strategy calls are for. These high-impact sessions are perfect for CEOs looking for laser-sharp guidance surrounding specific issues and goals within their business. Learn more about booking a 1:1 intensive with me here