A Business Coach's Strategy to Getting Higher LinkedIn Engagement

A Business Coach's Strategy to Getting Higher LinkedIn Engagement

A Business Coach's Strategy to Getting Higher LinkedIn Engagement

Among all the social media, LinkedIn has a more of a professional intent as opposed to a social one. It targets the business world therefore its content is generally about finding and improving one’s career and strengthening business connections. That is why some think that LinkedIn is boring and not a good platform for marketing products and services. 

But as a 14x award-winning business coach and business consultant, I beg to differ. I think LinkedIn is one of the best places you can build a strong clientele. So, let me explain…

Why LinkedIn is a Great Platform for Your Business Marketing

I have been using LinkedIn for quite some time now and I must say that I enjoy spending my time there. I get useful content, engage professionally with others that have shared interests, and build business connections. Plus, I have gained valuable clients through LinkedIn!

There are many reasons why you should definitely use LinkedIn for marketing your business. But the two most important reasons are conveniently listed for you below.

High User Retention

Compared to other social media platforms, you get higher user retention through LinkedIn. This is because LinkedIn is a site for professional engagements. This means that everyone who is on LinkedIn is logged in with intent. 

They are not there to merely scroll around and be entertained. LinkedIn users are on the platform to seek, learn, and apply information. They are also using the platform to keep their finger on the pulse in their relevant industry. 

Needless to say, LinkedIn users are very attentive to the content posted. Therefore, when you post a promotion for your products, it is more likely that they will not ignore it. Most of them will even take the time to check it out and see if it is something they need. Therefore, building brand awareness is effortless through Linkedin. 

Building Strong Connections 

LinkedIn is a platform that lives up to its name; keeping users continuously linked. You not only get to keep in touch with your co-workers, friends and family but you also get linked to well-known professionals in your industry. 

The platform’s algorithm is designed to keep you connected with the user that you engage with. This means that whenever you like, comment, and share a post of someone, you will get more content from that particular person. Even if it was a post from weeks ago, LinkedIn will resurface it so you and that person will continue to have a connection.

Considering these two points alone, you can see how valuable LinkedIn is when it comes to marketing your business. Now, all you have to do is to create content that will keep your LinkedIn followers engaged. Here is how a business consultant like me would go about achieving this.

My Strategy on How to Get Higher LinkedIn Engagement

Step #1 - Embrace content planning for LinkedIn 

Since LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, you need to think more carefully about the type of content you will be posting. That is why you need to be devoted to planning your LinkedIn content. 

The first thing to think about is the topic of your post. Of course, it needs to be related to the type of products and services your company offers. But it should also be able to bring value to your readers so you can get that engagement.

There are three types of LinkedIn content that you should utilise well: text, image carousels, and video. 

Text Posts

Predominantly, LinkedIn is all about that long-form text content. Thus, your posts should have valuable written information to share with your audience. 

Although there is a character limit to your post, what you should aim for is writing not more than 1,300 characters. 

The best way to start the LinkedIn post is with an attention-grabbing hook then use the remaining sentences to expand on your opening statement. Also, you must break text into one-sentence paragraphs for easy readability. 

Image Carousels

Image Carousels are also well-liked by LinkedIn users. A sequence of photos opens different ways to convey a message. 

Many are using this feature to tell a story while business owners use this to pitch their business or share comment screenshots and more. 


Although videos are relatively new to the platform, their engagement potential is high. This is why LinkedIn users are opting to add video content to their profiles. 

If you want to get high video engagement on LinkedIn, my suggestion is to keep your videos short but creative. It can also be straight to the point and don’t forget the call to action. 

Step #2 - Be a LinkedIn Creator Mode user

Now, you have several LinkedIn content ideas to post. The next step is to set up your LinkedIn creator mode. This special feature enables your profile to prioritise the content you post. It also shows the number of followers you have and has more space for hashtags in your bio. 

Step #3 - Be a regular LinkedIn poster

Although LinkedIn’s algorithm will keep your audience connected to you, this doesn’t mean that you should stick with the content you already have in your profile. You need to be a regular LinkedIn poster. You need to have new or even repurposed content consistently posted on your LinkedIn profile. 

Also, you need to take into account the schedule of your posting. You need to keep in mind what time of the day you post content. If you are posting content that helps your LinkedIn audience in their work, then you should post during working hours. If your content is more on chill and relaxing topics, then you should post it after hours. 

It doesn’t matter if you post every day or once a week. What is important is that you have set a schedule that you will follow devotedly. This will help your followers know when you will be posting content so they can look forward to it. 

Step #4 - Be a fervent LinkedIn comment responder

LinkedIn loves comments, they really do. In fact, they automatically share on your feed the post where you commented. 

Comments are also vital in keeping your LinkedIn connections. The more people comment on your post, the more the LinkedIn algorithm feeds your other content to the people. Therefore, your content must entice users to type in their comments. 

As a business coach and business consultant, my piece of advice is to keep responding to comments. Don’t just write a short comment that comes off as thoughtless – make it long and keep the conversation going. As this is where you should start selling your products and services. 

As you respond to comments, don’t forget to remind them what your business is and how you can help them. Add your call-to-action in your LinkedIn comments. Furthermore, you can do the same with other people’s posts where the comment section is neglected. You can reap the same benefits as commenting on your own LinkedIn posts. 

The key to getting higher LinkedIn Engagement is simply being an engaged user. Post regularly and never forget to respond to your followers' comments. 

Do you need more tips on how to build your LinkedIn business profile? Partner with me!

When I work with my clients, I make sure they have a clear path towards their goals complete with the actionable steps and implementation guidance that will help them get there. To learn more about how you can work with me, head to my Services page now!

Olivia x

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