5 Mindset Tips to Help You Level Up Your Next Launch

5 Mindset Tips to Help You Level Up Your Next Launch

5 Mindset Tips to Help You Level Up Your Next Launch

If you’ve ever lived through a launch in your business, you probably already know that launching can feel like a total rollercoaster at times. One second you feel like a million bucks, the next second you’re convinced nobody is ever going to buy from you. Your mindset is so up and down, you may as well be on a flight with non-stop turbulence.

If you haven’t launched before, I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you — the stress, overwhelm, and self-doubt can be REAL. If you’re not careful, you can easily sabotage your own success.

However, I’m here to tell you that launching does not have to feel this way. With a few simple mindset tweaks that actually work, you can have your best launch ever and feel fantastic about it. 

Let me tell you how…

  • Go in with a plan.
    Going into your launch with a clear idea as to what your strategy will be before, during, and after the launch will make you feel so much more confident about the way you execute those strategies and actually show up for your business. To make sure you feel extra-secure in your launch plan, I suggest including a section about what you will do even if things go wrong, just so you have an action step you can take no matter what happens.

  • Manifestation is key.
    The power of manifestation and visualisation has been well-documented. You’re only shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t give it an honest try in anticipation of your launch. What you are going to do is write down all of your intentions and goals ahead of time. Be very specific, and be sure to reflect on what feelings would arise if you did achieve those goals and how it would improve your everyday life. You want to show the Universe that you are READY to receive your desires! (Pro Tip: Put your launch goal as your phone wallpaper to remind yourself daily of what you want to achieve with your launch! Write it in past-tense as though it already happened.)

  • Show up a LOT. Increased visibility is so important during a launch. After all, you want your customers to know that your brand exists and has something incredible to offer! This means staying super active on social media, showing up a lot in the weeks leading up to the launch AND during the launch, and placing extra emphasis on connecting with your customers.

  • Allocate time to mindset work. Improving your mindset doesn’t happen overnight — you need to go out of your way to actively practice mindset work, including the tips I outlined in this blog post. If you don’t focus on putting the work in, you may not see results. The most successful leaders in business are those who place a major emphasis on mindset work and self-development pursuits.

  • Your sanity comes first. Launches are a big deal! If done properly, you will have spent months carefully preparing for your upcoming launch. Because of how much time and energy you have invested, it is easy to feel like your entire world will revolve around your next launch. However, this is a major mistake! You cannot have a successful launch if you don’t take care of yourself and put your mental and physical health first. If you’re not sleeping enough, eating well, and taking time to check in with yourself, it will be very difficult to balance all of the moving pieces that a launch entails. If you want your launch to exceed your expectations, make yourself a priority.

  • I hope these tips leave you feeling a little better about your upcoming launch. You got this — but if you’re looking for extra support, I’m happy to help walk you through it as well. Click here to learn more about how I can support you during your next launch, whether you’re looking for a mindset mentor or a strategic partner.

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