5 Female CEOs to Watch in the Digital Space

5 Female CEOs to Watch in the Digital Space

5 Female CEOs to Watch in the Digital Space

5 Female CEOs to Watch in the Digital Space

As a woman in business, one of my greatest passions is supporting other female entrepreneurs. One woman alone may have power, but collectively, we have a huge impact – which is why I always jump at the chance to recognise and applaud all of the incredible female bosses and business owners I admire in the digital space.

This week, I want to highlight five women who I believe you NEED to be watching and learning from as we enter Q1 and then 2023. These individuals have all impressed me with their unique approach to business and commitment to what they do, and I can’t wait for you to learn more about them.

  • Marie Forleo
    You’ve probably already heard of Marie Forleo...and that’s for good reason. As a marketing and lifestyle guru, Marie has built a standout brand for herself through digital products, business courses, live experiences, and of course, her best-selling book “Everything Is Figureoutable.” Marie is a leading expert in the marketing industry with valuable insight any new entrepreneur could benefit from.

  • You can find Marie on Instagram or her website.

  • Melanie Perkins
  • Melanie Perkins is an Australian billionaire tech entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Canva, a disruptive online design and publishing tool. Perkins is one of the youngest female CEOs of a tech start-up valued at over A$1 billion. making her one of Australia's richest women as of May 2021.  Only one of four startups is founded by a female, and Melanie is one of the 2% of female CEO’s of venture-backed companies.

    Born and raised in Perth with parents of diverse multicultural backgrounds, she is an inspiration to all aspiring female entrepreneurs, especially those with diverse backgrounds that you can achieve your dreams despite all odds.

    You can find Melanie on Instagram.

  • Zoë Foster Blake – Go-To Skincare
  • Zoë is the founder and owner of Go-To Skincare and author of a book called Amazinger Face. Prior to founding Go To Skincare, Zoë was a beauty journalist and a blogger for 10 years. She used her experience and the honest feedback she got from women in her decade of blogging and beauty journalism to create Go-To Skincare which aims to create a simple, easy to understand and fun skincare.

    You can find Zoë on Instagram or her website.

  • Tiffany Materson – Drunk Elephant
    Tiffany Materson is the founder of cult beauty brand, Drunk Elephant. She founded  Drunk Elephant with the philosophy of creating innovative, effective skincare for all skin types. Her passion for clean skincare stems from her experience of having difficulty in finding the right products for  sensitive skin. In her own words, the brand reflects how she looks after her skin. Prior to this, she was a stay-at-home mum to her four children in Texas.

  • You can find Tiffany on her website.

  • Sunday Riley – Sunday Riley Skincare
    Sunday Riley is the founder, CEO and lead Product Formulator of Sunday Riley Modern Skincare. Originally founded in 2009, Sunday Riley Modern Skincare continues to define the burgeoning niche beauty category as a household name and bestseller. She is also a wife, mother of four, animal lover and an advocate of human rights and sustainability which are the core values of her brand.

  • You can find Sunday Riley Skincare on Instagram or their website.

    I always encourage women in business to look for other female leaders they can learn and draw inspiration from. This is one of the practices that has really helped me in setting goals and seeing what is possible when I stay motivated and on track.

    Are there any women in business you adore whose genius you want to share with the world? Let me know on Instagram here. 

    Olivia x

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