27 Work-From-Home Career Ideas For Mums

27 Work-From-Home Career Ideas For Mums

27 Work-From-Home Career Ideas For Mums

Are you looking for ways to earn money from home as a work-from-home mum? Perhaps you’re just finishing up maternity leave or you could be completely over your 9-5 and can’t stand the thought of working another day.

Whatever your current situation, imagine how life if you were able to be so successful with a stay-at-home mum career that you could more than your 9-5! Whether you’re considering using the skillset you already have or learning some new ones. This is the ultimate guide to career ideas for work-from-home mums!

Keep reading for some work from home ideas that every business need.

27 Work-From-Home Career Ideas:

  1. Copywriter
  2. Virtual assistant
  3. Graphic designer
  4. Social media manager
  5. Web design
  6. Translation
  7. Video production
  8. Photographer
  9. Bookkeeper
  10. Blogger
  11. Cake Baker
  12. Career or Life Coach
  13. Child Care
  14. Direct Sales Consultant
  15. Etsy Seller
  16. Financial Planner
  17. Hairdresser
  18. Spray Tanner
  19. Beauty Therapist
  20. Network marketer
  21. Pet groomer
  22. Recruiter
  23. Resume writer
  24. Sales representative
  25. SEO Consultant
  26. Facebook ads specialist
  27. Wedding planner

Top Tools for Working-From-Home Success:

  • Canva – The Ultimate Graphic Design Tool!
    Canva is the ultimate secret to making your content look like it has been professionally designed! You can also by hundreds of templates for different things at Creative Market and load the templates into Canva for use over and over again. There’s also a magical function to resize your Canva design into another size format at a click of a button – think Facebook covers, YouTube covers, Pinterest posts and so on
  • Asana – The Ultimate Organisation Tool!
    If you’re a self-confessed organisation queen, you would have tried countless apps for checklists, reminders and to-do lists! Asana is hands down the best to-do list EVER and it even has an app version you can keep on your phone. Projects, teams and lists – plus you can print them off if you prefer hard copy lists.
  • Creative Market – The Ultimate Online Creative Market!
    This place is honestly like HEAVEN for creatives – or not so creatives! There are thousands and thousands of amazing assets for sale. If you need to find stock images, stunning website themes or Canva templates then Creative Market will be your new best friend as a work-from-home mum.
  • Upwork – The Ultimate Freelancer Directory!
    You can literally find an experienced Freelancer within budget for just about anything on this magical site. Need a virtual assistant, bookkeeper, graphic designer, sales funnel expert? The list goes on and on – you’re bound to find what you need here so if you need to expand your time, have a logo designed or some copy written for your new website – this is the place! Plus – you can also advertise YOUR services here!

Top Tips for Working-From-Home Success:

  • Wake up earlier than the kids do – sacred time is productive time and you can get so much done between the hours of 5am – 7am. This is also the perfect time to exercise or have some self-love time doing whatever it is you love!
  • Batch your tasks when possible and set timers using your iPhone clock app so you keep your focus on completing as much as you can within a certain time frame. You could set timers when working on important tasks and not check emails or your phone during this time.
  • Review your personal and business goals regularly to ensure you always have a roadmap to success. After all, how hard would it be to get in a car and start driving but have no idea where you’re going?
  • Do your food shopping online – Use click & collect or have it delivered – don’t waste precious time at the shops! Plus, think of how much more organised you can be if you plan your meals and shopping in advance. Magical!
  • Listen to podcasts – Podcasts are a great way to get extra self-education in without sacrificing time to do what you need to! Listen to them in the car, while cooking dinner, cleaning – it’s the perfect compromise and there are so many amazing podcasts to choose from for every business, industry or niche.

Favourite Resources: 

  • Get a good daily planner – the best type of planners for busy work-from-home mum’s will have personal and business tasks separated on the same page. You can pick these up from organisation shops, Officeworks or make your own! 
  • Get a good weekly planner – again, productivity is all about the planning! Be sure to plan your week out in advance so you know exactly what your goals are for the week.

These tools, tips & resources will help you start your work-from-home career, automate systems and processes, save time and build the business as a busy mum. Balancing mum life and working mum life is an art, but with good tools and resources, you can sky rocket productivity too.

The more organisation, preparation and planning you do – the better. Remember – we are what we repeatedly do. Our daily habits are shaping our future.

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