22 Business and Personal Growth Books to Read in 2022

22 Business and Personal Growth Books to Read in 2022

22 Business and Personal Growth Books to Read in 2022

For those of you who don’t know yet, I’m a massive fan of reading for self-development. I love curling up with a book and diving into all things business, mindset, and personal growth.

Today on the blog, I’ll be sharing some of the reads — both new and old — I’m most excited to sit down with in 2022. Ready to dive in?

  • The New Hustle: Don’t Work Harder, Just Work Better by Emma Isaacs
    The New Hustle offers a practical guide to “maximum efficiency” for entrepreneurs by working better instead of working harder. Learn how to embrace radical flexibility, make quick decisions, work smarter, and say “no” to the things that don’t matter so you can say “yes” to the things that do.

  • Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. by Brené Brown
    Being a leader in a culture defined by scarcity, fear, and uncertainty requires taking a radical approach to leadership by “daring to lead” through asking questions, sharing the power, and leaning into vulnerability. This is a must-read for CEOs who are ready to step into a more daring, courageous level of leadership.

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
    This has been a classic for over 60 years for a reason! Full of time-tested, rock-solid advice, this book is going to show you how to make people like you, win people over with your way of thinking (and make them agree with you), and how to help the people around you change their behaviors without any future resentment. It’s a must-read for anybody looking to achieve their maximum potential in both their personal lives and career.

  • Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
    If you’re looking to live a more creative, fulfilled life, Big Magic outlines the essential qualities of creative and fulfilled living. It’ll show you how to be creative in spite of your fears, how ideas work, and how you can make sure your creativity keeps flowing no matter what happens. This is a read that will motivate and inspire you to pursue your creative interests and integrate them further into your life.

  • Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek
    People won’t truly buy into a product, service, or idea unless they actually understand and believe in the WHY behind it. Start With Why explores how the world’s greatest leaders all started with “why” — and how being able to answer that one question makes some people and organisations more innovative, influential, and profitable than others.

  • How to F*ck Up Your Startup: The Science Behind Why 90% of Companies Fail — And How You Can Avoid It by Kim Hvidkjaer (Releases February 15th, 2022)
  • What do you do when everything is going wrong in your business? How can you prevent failure? How to F*ck Up Your Startup offers a journey through the pitfalls that cause 90% of companies to crash—and the crucial remedies entrepreneurs can use to avoid (or fix) them.

  • Converted: The Data-Driven Way to Win Customers’ Hearts by Neil Hoyne (Releases February 22nd, 2022)
    Converted offers a data-driven approach to finding your best customers and forming relationships that last. Learn how to understand the full value of each relationship, engage in an ongoing conversation with your best customers, ask the right questions so you can anticipate your customers’ needs, and find more ideal customers.

  • Influence Is Your Superpower: The Science of Winning Hearts, Sparking Change, and Making Good Things Happen by Zoe Chance (Releases February 1st, 2022)
  • Learn how to transform your life through the “superpower” of influence by cultivating charisma, negotiating comfortably and creatively, and spotting manipulators before it’s too late in this new release from renowned Yale University professor Zoe Chance.

  • Free Time: Lose the Busywork, Love Your Business by Jenny Blake (Releases March 22nd, 2022)
  • If you’re constantly burdened by busywork in your business, Free Time offers a fresh perspective on how to simplify and streamline so that you can create a business that energizes every single person who is a part of it — from you as CEO, to your team, to the clients you serve. It’s a must for anybody who wants to operate their business efficiently and intuitively while still earning abundantly!

  • Choose Possibility: Take Risks and Thrive (Even When You Fail) by Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
    Choose Possibility is a must-have guide to decision making and risk analysis for anyone who finds themselves afraid of making the wrong choice in their career. The good news? Personal success does not come from making one singular correct decision. Instead, this book will show you how long-term success stems from tackling multiple choices that add up to a greater whole.

  • Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success by Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Twelve and a Half offers a deep dive into the twelve essential emotional skills that are integral to success in both life and business while providing you with the tools you need to acquire and develop these traits as a leader. If you’re wanting to improve your leadership skills, this should be next on your list!

  • Impact Players: How to Take the Lead, Play Bigger, and Multiply Your Impact by Liz Wiseman
  • Impact Players draws on insights from leaders at top companies to explain what the most influential players in the world are doing differently, the way small and seemingly insignificant tweaks in our thought and behavior patterns can make a massive impact, and how this mindset can become available to anyone who wants to contribute at the highest level. 

  • Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience by Brené Brown
    Go on a journey through 87 of the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human in this #1 New York Times bestseller. Atlas of the Heart unpacks the complex web of emotion, behavior, and thoughts that are triggered by our experiences — allowing us to better understand our feelings and express them to others.

  • Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? by Dr. Julie Smith
  • Whether you want to stay resilient, manage anxiety, deal with criticism, cope with depression, build self-confidence, find motivation, or learn to forgive yourself, the powerful advice and expert coping techniques featured in Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? will help. This read is perfect for anybody who wants to prioritise their mental health in 2022!

  • Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones by James Clear
  • An old favorite of mine, Atomic Habits should be next on your list if you’re looking to master habit formation once and for all. Learn how to make time for new habits, break old ones, overcome a lack of motivation and willpower, design your environment to make success easier, get back on track when you fall off course, and much more!

  • Making Numbers Count: The Art & Science of Communicating Numbers by Chip Heath & Karla Starr
  • Numbers have a tendency to confuse even the savviest of businesspeople at times. The reason is simple: humans aren’t actually built to understand them. Making Numbers Count sets out to change that by outlining specific principles that reveal how to translate numbers into a language our human brains actually understand. If you’re wanting to bring more data into your decision-making as a CEO, this pick is for you.

  •  How to Begin: Start Doing Something That Matters by Michael Bungay Stanier
    How to Begin is a practical guide to finding the focus and courage to go after your goals, make a clear commitment to yourself, develop the resources you need to succeed, and build momentum, progress, and impact. If you’re ready to start doing something that matters in 2022, this should be your next read.

  • Radical Candor: Be a Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott (Available as an audiobook)
    Being a good leader is essential to success in business, and that’s exactly what this book is going to help you do. Radical Candor is all about caring personally and challenging directly, about soliciting criticism to improve your leadership while providing guidance that helps your team grow. Consider it your latest “required reading” on being a good boss!

  • Peak Mind: Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day by Amishi P. Jha
    If you have trouble focusing, you’re going to want to read Peak Mind. This fun, entertaining, and science-backed book is designed to help you focus without the struggle, take your attention back from the pull of distraction, and function at your highest potential.

  • Get It Done: Surprising Lessons From the Science of Motivation by Ayelet Fishbach
    Written by a psychologist and behavioral scientist, Get It Done presents a new theoretical framework for self-motivated action that explains how to identify the right goals based on your unique lifestyle while battling temptations and utilising help from others around you. It’s full of valuable research about motivation and compelling anecdotes from people who have learned to motivate themselves. 

  • Money Magic: An Economist’s Secrets to More Money, Less Risk, and a Better Life by Laurence Kotlikoff
  • Money Magic — written by renowned financial expert Laurence Kotlikoff — offers a clear path to living a richer, happier, and safer financial life. Learn simple money magic tricks that have the potential to transform your financial future while also learning what to do and why to do when it comes to your finances. Say goodbye to conventional finance advice and hello to a modernized approach when you pick up this read.

  • See, Solve, Scale: How Anyone Can Turn an Unsolved Problem Into a Breakthrough Success by Danny Warshay (Releasing March 22, 2022)
    Entrepreneurship is not a spirit, gift, or special talent. Instead, it’s a process that anyone can learn and use to turn a problem into a solution with an impact. This is what See, Solve, Scale is all about — providing a proven method to identifying consequential problems and an accessible process anyone can learn, master, and apply to solve them. If you’re thinking 2022 is the year you want to go all-in on your next entrepreneurial venture, this should be next on your list!

  • Which of these reads are you the most excited to check out in 2022? Let me know — or shoot me your own personal recommendations in a message!

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