15 Must-Listen Podcasts for Female CEOs


15 Must-Listen Podcasts for Female CEOs

When I’m in need of a little advice, inspiration, or motivation, my go-to move is to pop in my headphones and listen to a podcast. Some of the most brilliant minds in business share incredible, revelatory insights via podcast, which is why I’ve made it an intentional choice to incorporate podcasts into my self-development routine. As a result, I’ve experienced massive shifts and improvements in my mindset and general business outlook.

Whether you’re currently a podcast fanatic or are just starting to listen to podcasts, the 15 suggestions below are essential listening for female CEOs who are looking to learn and grow by exploring the perspectives of other women in business.

Grab your headphones — let’s dive in.

    1. The Mario Forleo Podcast
      Marie Forleo has been recognised by Oprah as one of the thought leaders to watch for the next generation. In her podcast, she shares actionable strategies for creating greater happiness, success, motivation, creativity, productivity, love, health, and fulfillment. 
    2. Bucci Radio
      Take a deep dive into all things self-discovery, entrepreneurship, social media, and spirituality with expert business coach Amanda Bucci. 
    3. Flourish & Fulfilled with Sophie Guidolin
      If you’re ready to uncover your best self and live a more purpose-driven life while embracing rawness and authenticity, add this to your listening queue! Listen along as Sophie Guidolin, mum of four and business owner, shares her perspective on all things mum life, business, mindset, health. 
    4. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
      Tune into multi-million dollar business owner Amy Porterfield as she shares must-know marketing information alongside her biggest secrets to achieving success in the online space. This is your go-to for guidance about all things online business — including creating passive income, utilising email marketing, creating content that sells, and more. 
    5. The Healthy Hustlers
      Through storytelling, host and self-proclaimed health enthusiast Madelyn Carafa shares fresh perspectives on topics such as health, wellbeing, business, spirituality, and motherhood. If you’re looking for advice on living your best life, or simply a little inspiration to help you kick your mindset into gear, this one is not to be missed! 
    6. Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics, and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepreneurs
      If the thought of being able to make money while doing what you love fuels you, you’re going to want to join host Emily Thompson as she explores the mindset, habits, and practices that help creative CEOS thrive. This is a perfect choice if you’ve been thinking about launching a brand new business or taking your side-hustle full-time. 
    7. The Rise & Conquer Podcast
      This recommendation goes out to any CEOs who are ready to take ownership of their lives, live unapologetically, and turn their dreams into reality! Host Georgie Stevenson acts as a motivating force as she walks you through how to take control of your health, master your mindset, create lasting habits, and thrive in your career and relationships. 
    8. She’s On The Money
      If you’re in the market for no-B.S., easily digestible financial advice, look no further. Millennial money expert Victoria Devine shares her foolproof tips for achieving financial freedom without having to give up the fun stuff in life (like Sunday brunch). 
    9. The Goal Digger Podcast
      This live-workshop style podcast focused on business and marketing is packed with actionable, step-by-step tips to help you achieve your biggest, boldest goals. Learn social media strategies, productivity advice, business hacks, entrepreneurship truths, and so much more — plus get access to host Jenna Kutcher’s best-kept secrets about how she escaped the 9-5 hustle and became a self-made millionaire. 
    10. Build Your Tribe | Grow Your Business with Social Media
      Hosts Charlene and Brock Johnson bring two expert perspectives to the table when it comes to all things social media — from building your following to developing smart digital marketing strategies to creating additional streams of income. If you love making money through social media, this one’s for you!
    11. Make Chic Happen
      This podcast, hosted by Melanie Mitro and Katy Ursta, was specifically designed with female business owners in mind. Join them as they unpack the messy truth about what owning a business looks like — especially when you throw kids into the mix! 
    12. The Influencer Podcast
      If you’re obsessed with the idea of building a brand that is influential, loved by the masses, and worth millions, host and brand expert Julie Solomon shows you the action steps you need to make all of those things possible. Get ready to accelerate your impact and create iconic success! 
    13. The Rachel Hollis Podcast
      This pick from internationally-recognised author and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis is perfect for anyone looking for more joy and purpose in their lives. When you listen, you get the chance to dive into interviews with top experts in business, media, and lifestyle — plus hear from Rachel herself
    14. The Purpose Show
      Allie Casazza is a blogger and inspirational speaker who is on a mission to help moms in business let go of guilt, enjoy motherhood, and thrive in their careers. In her podcast, she delivers simple business and life hacks intended to give moms an actionable permission slip to start living an abundant, joyful life. 
    15. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
      If you’ve ever had trouble letting go of your fears and embracing your creativity, Elizabeth Gilbert is the voice you need in your life. The bestselling author of “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Big Magic” collaborates with guest experts to share valuable lessons on creativity, motivation, and overcoming obstacles.

Let me know what podcasts you’re currently tuning into. Did you find any of your favourite picks on the list? If not, definitely leave some suggestions for me to check out in the comments section!