• 25 Must Read Books for Female CEOs

    If you ever find yourself feeling unmotivated in your business, or like your mindset is suffering, my biggest recommendation is to sit down with a good book that will inspire and motivate you. Actually, even if things are going amazing in your business, I would STILL encourage you to make time for reading in your […]


  • Hiring a Business Coach 101

    As a business owner, you probably launched your business to sell a product or service you’re passionate about. But sometimes, even the CEOs with the best ideas can hit bumps in the road and find themselves unsure about how to move the needle forward in their business. If this has happened to you before, know […]


  • Mastering Your Brand’s Core Values

    One of the first things that I encourage my business consulting & coaching clients to think about when they come to me for help are their core values.   So…what exactly are core values, and why do you need them?   Your core values are a set of the guiding principles you find most important. […]


  • 6 Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Morning Person

    Are you a morning person? I think there’s a fair chance a lot of people would say “no” when asked this question, because mornings tend to get a bad rap — especially since so many of us rush through them without even realising, treating them like a means to an end instead of a really […]


  • Want to Make Money Doing What You Love? Here’s How

    Want to make money doing what you love?

    Everybody’s dream is to make money doing what they love…but it can feel SO impossible and overwhelming at times. You may be wondering how you can get started, or if there’s a step-by-step process you can follow for foolproof success. And while unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to turning your passion into something profitable, there […]


  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Working With a Business Consultant

    Working with a business consultant

    If you’re at a standstill in your business and have reached a point where you aren’t quite sure how to move the needle forward, having a business consultant in your corner can be the solution that lights a fire under your butt and helps you get back on track. However, if you’ve never worked with […]


  • Why I Use Asana Over Other Productivity Platforms

    Why I Use Asana over other productivity platforms

    As a full-time business owner and mum of three, I’m always trying to figure out the most efficient, productive way to knock tasks off my to-do list and stay on top of upcoming projects. Things move pretty fast here at Olivia Jenkins Consulting, so one of my saving graces has been implementing the right systems […]


  • Self-Education, AKA The Key to Success

    Self Education

    Something I’ve learned since launching Olivia Jenkins Consulting that has really stood out to me is the importance of one crucial skill: self-education. I consider earning my MBA in Marketing to be one of my greatest accomplishments to date, and I can’t even put into words how much my degree has taught me — but […]


  • Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo: Which Email Marketing Tool Is Right For You?

    Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo: Which Email Marketing Tool Is Right For You? How do you feel about email marketing?  Some business owners believe that the rise of social media’s popularity has made email marketing obsolete. Others feel like it’s an unnecessary time and expense that is more trouble than it’s worth. And then there are the […]


  • Reaching Your Full Potential in Life and Business

    Reaching Your Full Potential In Life and Business

    Reaching Your Full Potential in Life and Business Most people think that successful business owners became that way because they pushed themselves to their limits, or had a laser-sharp strategy that trumped all the rest. This isn’t exactly true, though. Believe it or not, business is actually only 20% action and strategy. The other 80% […]